Diego – The Smelly Dog

By A. G. Russo


"an endearing and instructive book that is certain to delight young readers and their families. Many life lessons, including the importance of patience and kindness, as well as the significance of adopting animals."

Entertaining as well as instructional


A.G. Russo’s touching children’s book Diego the Smelly Dog provides valuable lessons about friendliness, surprises, and the importance of youth and old age. Ava, a spunky young girl who enjoys dogs and bandages, and her grandfather, Gramps, are the main characters of the novel. One day, a large and elderly dog followed Ava and Gramps home, and Ava fell in love with him right away. She gives him the name Diego, but her mother won’t let her keep him because they already have too many pets.

The following day, Ava and Gramps bring Diego to the rescue shelter, but Ava is adamant that she will continue to visit him once per week. As the story progresses, Ava and Gramps continue to pay their regular visits to the animal shelter, where they see Diego as he matures and is welcomed into the shelter’s family. In the meantime, Ava gains valuable insights on the importance of patience and allowing others sufficient time to adapt to significant changes.

As the weeks pass, Ava and Gramps continue to visit Diego; nevertheless, they are becoming increasingly concerned that he may never find a home that will be his forever home. Then, one day, a family visits the shelter and falls in love with Diego. They are able to see past his unpleasant appearance and recognise the love and beauty that lies within him. They decide to adopt him, and Ava and Gramps are ecstatic to hear that he will be going to a good family.

The story of Diego the Smelly Dog is only thirty pages long, but despite its brevity, it manages to convey a wide range of feelings. The vibrant graphics by Ukrainian artist Alona Baulina perfectly portray every aspect of the tale. The book is written in a style that is straightforward and simple to grasp, and it is an excellent tool for introducing children to the idea of adopting animals.

In general, Diego the Smelly Dog is a story that will warm your heart, has a happy ending, and conveys a meaningful lesson about the importance of showing compassion to people who may be undesired or mistreated. It serves as a reminder that even an elderly pet may be a wonderful buddy, and that everyone deserves a place to call home. Due to the numerous subtle lessons it contains, the narrative will appeal to both youngsters and their parents. It is a fascinating book that lends itself well to being read aloud and offers a wealth of opportunity for conversation and introspection.


A.G. Russo’s “Diego the Smelly Dog” is written in a manner that is straightforward, succinct, and simple to comprehend; as a result, it is an excellent book for young readers. The narrative is easy to follow and keeps a steady pace throughout, which keeps the reader interested from beginning to end. The language is straightforward while still being descriptive, which allows for an accurate portrayal of the feelings and actions of the characters.

Because the author tells the story in an uncomplicated manner, it is not difficult for children to follow along and they will not become confused while they do so. The speech is also natural and believable, which helps to give each character their own unique voice and personality. In addition, the message that the narrative is trying to express about the importance of adopting animals is communicated in a way that is both instructive and motivational.

One of the writing style’s strengths is its capacity to express a variety of feelings through the use of vivid descriptions and understated imagery. This is one of the writing style’s strengths. The author does a wonderful job at portraying the many dispositions and emotions of the characters, which contributes to the creation of a story that is realistic and approachable. The pictures by Alona Baulina are a wonderful addition to the text and contribute to an overall more enjoyable reading experience.

In a nutshell, “Diego the Smelly Dog” features an approach to writing that is not only understandable but also entertaining and appropriate for young readers. It does so in a way that is not overly complicated but yet has a significant impact, and it does so very effectively. The book is a testament to the author’s ability to weave a story that is both fascinating and heartwarming.


The book “Diego the Smelly Dog,” written by A.G. Russo, is an uplifting and instructive children’s book that may be enjoyed by readers of any age, but is especially suited for young children between the ages of 4 and 8.

Youngsters who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, and in particular canines, will appreciate reading about Ava’s adventures with Diego and learning about the importance of adopting animals. As a result of the significant life lessons it imparts regarding patience, kindness, and the grace that comes with getting older, the narrative is an excellent educational resource for both parents and teachers. Young readers can easily follow and comprehend the book thanks to its straightforward language and straightforward writing style.

It is also beneficial for parents to read this book to their children since it can serve as a jumping off point for conversations about fostering and adopting animals, providing care for animals, and the significance of contributing to one’s community. The ideas and sentiments presented in this book have the potential to encourage readers to become activists for animal rights and to improve the lives of disadvantaged animals.

Overall, “Diego the Smelly Dog” is an entertaining and informative book that is perfect for anybody who has a soft spot in their heart for animals, has an interest in learning more about the process of adopting animals, or simply enjoys reading feel-good tales about the power of love and compassion.


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In conclusion, “Diego the Smelly Dog” by A.G. Russo is an endearing and instructive book that is certain to delight young readers and their families. Many life lessons, including the importance of patience and kindness, as well as the significance of adopting animals, are conveyed in this book through the narrative of Ava’s adventures with Diego. Because the wording is straightforward and simple to understand, this is an excellent book for kids between the ages of four and eight.

If you are seeking for a book that will encourage young readers to become advocates for the welfare of animals and to make a difference in the lives of animals that are in need, then “Diego the Smelly Dog” is an absolute necessity to read. This book is sure to become a favourite among youngsters and the families of those children because of its familiar characters, beautiful illustrations, and comforting tale. Anyone looking for a book that is entertaining as well as instructional and that provides significant life lessons should give it a try.

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