Generation 23: Hallowed Be Thy Noble Name

By Ivan Ertlov


"A breathtaking voyage into the depths of space and human resilience, Ivan Ertlov's 'Generation 23' captivates with its intricate plot and vivid storytelling."

A New Frontier in Science Fiction: Unraveling the Mysteries of Generation 23

Plot Review

In “Generation 23: Hallowed Be Thy Noble Name,” Ivan Ertlov masterfully crafts a dystopian narrative set in the expanse of space, aboard the colossal generation ship Trappist. Humanity, having lost Earth, clings to existence through these vessels, searching for a new home among the stars. The story centers around Maria Gomez, a justice enforcer on Trappist, whose life takes a dramatic turn from chasing a petty thief to uncovering truths that could destabilize the ship’s rigid social hierarchy. Ertlov’s plot is a rich tapestry of mystery, intrigue, and action, weaving together the struggles of survival, the quest for justice, and the human spirit’s indomitable will. This gripping tale keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages to discover the fate of Maria and the remnants of humanity.

Writing Style

Ertlov’s writing style in “Generation 23” is a testament to his skill as a storyteller. Unlike his previous, more humorous works, this novel delves into the dystopian and thriller genres with a serious tone that perfectly complements the setting’s gravity. His vivid descriptions of life aboard the Trappist immerse readers in a world that is at once alien and hauntingly familiar. The narrative is infused with tension, excitement, and emotion, driving the plot forward with a pace that is both engaging and reflective. Ertlov’s ability to create complex characters and dynamic relationships adds depth to the novel, making the stakes personal and the outcomes impactful.

Potential Readers

“Generation 23” will undoubtedly appeal to fans of science fiction, dystopian narratives, and crime thrillers alike. Readers who relish exploring futuristic settings, complex social structures, and moral quandaries will find this novel both stimulating and satisfying. It’s particularly suited for those who appreciate stories about survival, the resilience of the human spirit, and the exploration of justice within confined societies. If you’re fascinated by the idea of humanity’s journey through space, the challenges of living aboard a generation ship, and the intrigue of a crime thriller set against a sci-fi backdrop, then this book is for you.

Similar Books

If you’ve enjoyed titles like “The Expanse” series by James S.A. Corey, “Pandora’s Star” by Peter F. Hamilton, or “Altered Carbon” by Richard K. Morgan, then “Generation 23” may be a perfect addition to your reading list. These books share themes of space exploration, complex societies, and the blend of science fiction with elements of mystery or thriller. Ertlov’s novel stands out for its unique setting aboard a generation ship and its focus on a singular, compelling protagonist, making it a fresh and exciting read for fans of the genre.


“Generation 23: Hallowed Be Thy Noble Name” is a stellar addition to the canon of science fiction, offering readers a deep dive into the unknowns of space with a gripping tale of survival, justice, and humanity’s unyielding hope. Ivan Ertlov has crafted a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is thrilling, making this book a must-read for anyone captivated by the possibilities of future worlds and the enduring spirit of human exploration. This novel not only entertains but also invites readers to ponder the complexities of society, governance, and morality in extreme conditions. Highly recommended for its compelling storytelling, richly developed characters, and its unforgettable journey into the heart of human resilience.

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