Living in the New Lemuria: Exercises, Practices and Techniques

By Lauren O. Thyme


""Living in the New Lemuria: Exercises, Practices and Techniques" by Lauren O. Thyme is a transformative guide that bridges ancient wisdom with modern quantum understanding, offering a blueprint for spiritual evolution and the awakening of a new human consciousness. "

Embracing the New Human Evolution: A Journey Through "Living in the New Lemuria"

Plot Review

“Living in the New Lemuria” is more than a book; it’s an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey towards self-evolution and enlightenment. Author Lauren O. Thyme delves into the teachings of the Lemurian Elders, known as Ascended Masters, to guide readers through a process of personal transformation. The narrative is structured around interactive classes that were originally taught on Zoom, allowing readers worldwide to connect with the sacred energy of Mt. Shasta—a vital Lemurian site. Each chapter concludes with a group meditation, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among readers. Thyme’s revelations on why the Elders pushed for the creation of this book and the urgency of the message underscore a profound narrative: humanity is on the cusp of evolving into a new species, guided by a divine plan and the powerful shift of consciousness that comes with aligning with the quantum field.

Writing Style

Lauren O. Thyme’s writing is deeply engaging, blending spiritual insights with practical exercises. Her style is informative yet accessible, making complex concepts of quantum physics and spirituality understandable to a broad audience. The use of “Gold Light” throughout the book as a tool for consciousness and physical transformation is both metaphorically rich and practically grounded. Thyme’s ability to intertwine quotes from renowned thinkers like Gregg Braden and Jean Houston with her own insights adds depth to her narrative, creating a compelling argument for the evolutionary shift she describes. The inclusion of YouTube videos for the book’s spiritual exercises is a testament to Thyme’s innovative approach to engaging with her audience, making her teachings not just read but experienced.

Potential Readers

This book is aimed at those who are on a spiritual path and seeking to deepen their understanding of their place in the universe. It will particularly resonate with readers interested in quantum physics, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices that aim to align the individual with a higher consciousness. Those who are feeling the intensity of the current global transformation and are looking for a guide to navigate through these changes will find solace and direction in Thyme’s teachings. It’s also for the awakened souls who missed the original classes and are eager to connect with the Lemurian wisdom to accelerate their spiritual growth.

Similar Books

If you’ve found resonance and insight in titles like “The Lemurian Way, Remembering Your Essential Nature” by Lauren O. Thyme, “The Nine Waves of Creation” by Dr. Carl Calleman, or “Radical Regeneration” by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker, then “Living in the New Lemuria” will likely be a compelling addition to your spiritual library. Readers who have appreciated Gregg Braden’s exploration of human potential and Jean Houston’s work on harnessing quantum powers will find Thyme’s book aligns with these themes, offering practical exercises and meditations to implement the wisdom shared.


“Living in the New Lemuria” is a profound call to action for all who are ready to participate in the evolution of humanity into a new species. Lauren O. Thyme masterfully bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary science, providing readers with the tools to transform their consciousness and embrace their role in the divine plan. This book is not just a read; it’s an experience—a guide to living in harmony with the universe’s quantum field and fulfilling one’s part in the collective journey towards a new human existence. I highly recommend it to anyone who senses the urgency of our times and seeks to live a life aligned with the highest ideals of unity, love, and evolution.

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