Why Pro Book Reviews?

A good book reviewer understands the importance of readers’ time & money, and the author’s hard work & dedication when reviewing a book. At Shelley Reviews, we value the trust of our readers and authors, as well as our own credibility when recommending a book. We follow a standard procedure to provide an unbiased, honest and critical book review, based on a set of parameters & essential questions that helps the readers decide if they want to read the book or not. 

  • A dedicated complete manuscript evaluation to provide an insightful review of the book without spoiling the plot.  
  • A standard star rating system for fiction and non-fiction books separately, where we rate the book on the scale of creativity and impact, apart from regular rating standards. 

We have categorized our reviews as General Book Review under the Basic plan and Editorial Book Review under the Advanced plan. The salient features and services offered under both categories are as follows:


Review Services

General Book Review

A general book review offers a basic yet critical overview of the book which covers summary, structure, writing and general recommendation for the readers. It has the following features:

  • A star rated review and a pull quote summarizing the reading experience. 
  • The book review will be 300-500 words long and will be published on the blog and Goodreads. 
  • There will be limited  promotion on our social media platforms. 
  • We value quality over quantity; hence  we may stop accepting general book review request for some time to filter over-requests and may take 1-2 months to post the review on the blog. 

Editorial Book Review:

An editorial book review is an in-depth critical assessment of the book. It will evaluate the story in detail which covers scene-by-scene edit, central idea, structure, element, story development, narrative arc, writing style, creativity, technical aspects such grammatical errors etc., and overall impact of the book on the reader. It has the following features:

  • An editorial review will be 700-1000 words long and will be posted within 2-3 weeks of acceptance of the book review request following our review policy. 
  • The editorial review will be included in our newsletter to gain visibility, reach a wider audience, and increase the sales of the book. 
  • Authors can quote the editorial reviews on Amazon, their website, blogs, and social media accounts or any other platform to promote their book. 
  • In addition to the review, we can post 10 best quotes from the book suggested by the author in the quote section of the website and publish them on our social media platforms as well. 
  • A 4-5 star rated book will be featured on the blog as well.




We appreciate your attention and will be pleased to offer book review services. We expect the authors

  to kindly adhere to the following  guidelines when submitting a review request:

1.  We require a copy of the complete manuscript to provide a fair and detailed editorial review.

2.  The books to be reviewed should be unpublished or recently published in order to be reviewed.

3.  We are based in India and accept manuscript in digital edition only.

4.  We accept books in English and also books translated to English from other languages.

5.  We review books from all genres and for all age groups. However, we won’t be accepting books that       promote or encourage violence, hatred or exploitation based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion,             nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, disease etc.

6.  We take two weeks to let you know if your review request is approved, and time to post the review           will depend on the category of review requested, which is 2-3 weeks for the editorial book review             and 1-2 months for general book review, from the date of acceptance to review the book.

7.  If we find the book interesting and cannot review in time, we will inform you about the delay and if          you want you can cancel the request.

8.  We regretfully inform you that all review requests will not be accepted.

9.  We provide fair reviews so there can be negative or unfavorable reviews of the book. However, you         may request to publish or not publish reviews on the website, but will be charged for the service.

10. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any submission you make, including the legality and      copyright of any such material. You represent and warrant to us that you own or otherwise control all necessary rights to the content (including any images contained in the publication) and that you are authorised to submit the book to us. In the event of your breach of these terms or any other Terms, you will indemnify Shelley reviews  against all cost, claims, damages or loss (including all legal fees) which may arise as a result.

11. By submitting your manuscript, you are granting us (i) permission to use, reproduce, distribute, and      display the sample chapter of your book on the Website for reading and review and (ii) the right to          send the manuscript to reviewers for the purpose of their review. Please also note that whilst                     you may request cancellation of your account and erasure of your personal data under the terms of       our Privacy Policy, the sample chapter of your manuscript which you submit to us, the metadata that       comes with it and any reviews will remain on our Website.

12.  Kindly include a short summary, release date or any other relevant information.

13.  If you wish to add or suggest something regarding our review policy, please contact us.

14.  We will updating our review policy as required and the updated version will come into effect the               next time you engage with us after the changes have been notified.

     Last updated: 5th January 2020