Illusional Reality_Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality

By Karina Kantas


"Illusional reality is an enchanting tale of a young woman who battles her own fate in an unknown world only to discover her true-self. It is a fresh, intriguing, entertaining, and a well written read."

What if the Phoenix decides to defy her destiny?

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Illusional reality is the story of a young and ambitious woman named Becky Jones, who is unaware of the her hidden destiny which will lead her into the magical Kingdom of Tsinia. A whole new world of mystical creatures, evil intentions and innocent hopes  begins to unveil itself before Becky as she is rescued from disguised enemies by a stranger from another world. Becky comes to know the reality of her existence in this strange world where she is expected to be the ‘Saviour’ about whom stars have spoken of. While the people of Tsinia wait in desperation for their Princess to claim what belongs to her, Becky had her own plans. Encountering the bliss and perils of being the chosen one, Becky begins her own quest to decide whether to follow the fate she was born with or to defy her own destiny?

Structure and Elements of the Story

Illusional reality is the first book in the fantasy romance duology by the author Karina Kantas. It is characterized by fantasy, magical realism, occult practices, oracles, archaic traditions and language  portraying a different realm. A perpetual struggle between the sense of duty and forbidden love constitutes the majority of the theme. There is humour as well, which comes naturally as Becky a.k.a Thya finds herself in the middle of this illusional reality. The book could do better in terms of imagination and creativity, but does not disappoint the reader with the current composition at all.

Story Development and Writing

Consistent and Complete. Although a typical storyline of a fantasy romance is followed in the beginning, the novel is different than what you will expect it to be. The story flows smoothly and has all the elements that will intrigue the readers till the last word. The author and editor are to be credited for a well-written and well-edited book.  

“Are you not curious to what is out there? Would you not like to explore beyond your borders? I believe I would.”

Though the archaic language is a downside to the story, the author is appreciated for her consistency in the use of this language, character development, and command over story development with apt breaks and pauses that maintains the interest of the readers throughout. The highlight of the story is the story development and writing. The author is a potential bestselling novelist.


Illusional reality is a fun and refreshing fantasy novel which can be finished in a single read. The readers will find themselves intrigued about what is real? and what is an illusion? till the end of the story which may be the beginning of another one. I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for an enchanting, fresh, entertaining and well written read.

Pro Book Reviews Rating

Story: 3.5

Structure & Elements: 3.5



Overall Rating: 3.5

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