Primary: Vertex One of The Prism

By Alex Holland


"An exciting and skillfully crafted story that will appeal to readers with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and adventure stories. "

An exciting voyage of self-discovery

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Primary: Vertex The novel “One of the Prism” written by Alex Holland is a riveting story of the author’s own journey of self-discovery, as well as adventures and the struggle to survive. The protagonist, Koby Duchmar, is a disturbed young man who is on the point of ending his life on the day he turns 21. The novel chronicles his journey. As he comes face to face with an elf and a dwarf, both of whose voices he can hear in his thoughts, his entire world is abruptly spun on its head.

Koby is suddenly transported into a lifelike video game, in which he must compete against the clock to locate and retrieve historical relics that may provide some insight into his background. In addition to that, he has to confront the bully from high school who has expressed a desire to kill him. As Koby progresses further into the game and learns more about the truth about himself, he comes to understand the point of his existence.

The author spins a narrative that is not only engaging but also intricate, full of unexpected turns and twists that keep the reader interested in what is going to happen next. The characters are well-developed and easy to relate to, with each having their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The author’s capacity to build vivid and imaginative worlds is one of the book’s most impressive qualities, and it is also one of the book’s finest characteristics. The universe of the video game is exceptionally deep, featuring a complex past as well as a distinct mythology that contributes to the overall depth of the narrative.

Overall, “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism” is a fantastic book to read since it combines fantasy, science fiction, and adventure in a way that is both interesting and thrilling. It is an exciting voyage of self-discovery, and the author does a wonderful job of keeping the reader immersed in the characters and the plot throughout the entire book.


The writing style of the book is captivating and one that draws the reader in. Holland possesses a gift for building worlds that are vivid and inventive, and the world of the video game in particular is very well-crafted and features a great level of detail.

The writing of Alex Holland is unambiguous and to the point, which makes it simple to follow the plot and comprehend the reasons behind the actions of the characters. In addition, the pacing is excellent, maintaining a healthy balance between intense scenes of action and quieter, more reflective ones.

The manner that Holland deals with conversation is one of the aspects of their writing style that stands out as a strength. Each character has a unique voice and personality that shines through in the way that they speak, which contributes to the naturalism and realism of the interactions that take place between them.

In addition, Holland does a wonderful job of combining the exposition with the action in the novel. He gives the reader enough knowledge about the universe and the characters to understand them, but he does it without slowing down the pace of the narrative.

In general, the literary style of “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism” is quite skillfully done and offers a great deal of pleasure to the reader. Because Alex Holland is able to build fascinating settings and realistic dialogue, it is simple to become emotionally invested in the story’s characters, and the author’s straightforward and succinct style of writing ensures that the reader will be interested from the very beginning to the very end.


Alex Holland’s novel “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism” is a work of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure, and it is a book that would appeal to followers of these genres. This book is sure to be a hit with readers who are drawn to narratives that focus on the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery, as well as those who appreciate vivid world-building and exciting storylines.

The book is ideal for older readers as well as younger individuals who are looking for something that is both exciting and interesting to read. Readers of all ages will find themselves relating to the central themes of self-discovery and triumphing over hardship.

Because the story is set in a genuine video game universe, complete with a one-of-a-kind mythology and a detailed history, those who are fans of video games may also find the narrative to be especially fascinating.

Readers who are looking for a narrative that is exciting, inventive, and full of opportunities for self-discovery will find “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism” to be an outstanding choice.


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In conclusion, “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism,” written by Alex Holland, is an exciting and skillfully crafted story that will appeal to readers with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and adventure stories. The narrative is engrossing, full of exciting action, and centres on universal themes of coming of age and self-discovery, which will appeal to readers of all ages. Because Holland’s writing style is straightforward, succinct, and natural, it is not difficult to follow the plot or establish a connection with the many characters.

If you are seeking for a book that is both fascinating and innovative, “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism” is a fantastic option to take into consideration. This book will hold your attention from the very first page to the very last, regardless of whether you are a fan of video games or just enjoy reading exciting stories. Anyone interested in reading a book that is both interesting and exciting should consider picking up “Primary: Vertex One of The Prism.”

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