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"Susan Plunket not only crafts a tale of interdimensional adventure but also invites us into a profound exploration of our own potential. This book is a beacon for those seeking to traverse beyond the boundaries of reality."


"A.G. Russo's 'OCELLICON Future Visions' melds military sci-fi, legal drama, and societal critique into a riveting, future-focused narrative. This multi-faceted novel challenges preconceptions and explores the depths of justice, human emotions, and the perilous quest for peace"


"Thrilling and engaging read from beginning to end because of the skillful blending of historical and science fiction themes, the well-developed characters, and the well-designed action scenes."


"A gripping crime thriller with a hint of sci-fi and romance. A strong protagonist who marks her presence both in the novel as well as in readers’ memories."


"If you haven’t read this book, you are missing out on a hilarious sci-fi satire weaved on the deportation of innocent cartoons to save America from their tyranny. A short, insanely funny yet sensitive read which will leave you rolling on the floor and mark the author for the next read."


"An entertaining, rich and bewildering tale to be read with an attentive mind, written by an author with British dialect, French soul and definitely a French palate."


"A metaphorical masterpiece about survival under an authoritarian regime on an unnamed island where objects, memories and people are mysteriously disappearing."