The Day I killed God bookreview Nick Totem

The Day I Killed God

By Nick Totem


"A riveting, action-packed sci-fi novel about a believer who is on an unusual quest through space & time to find his missing friend, and ends up killing God one day."

Can Someone Kill God?

“That was the day I killed God. That was how I did it.”


‘The Day I Killed the God’ is a story of Daniel ‘The Psychic’, who is blessed with psychic ability which ‘is a gift from God’ as he believes, and should be only used to help people. Unexpected events begin to unfold as he sets out on a journey to find his high school best friend Eliot Spinoza, a genius mathematician who disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles with some powerful experiences which trigger an emotional catharsis, beyond the reach and understanding of human consciousness. The story is weaved around his chaotic world, where he has to risk his life and face countless dangers, including the FBI, a powerful baron, a billionaire and above all the Almighty.

Structure and Story Development 

The Day I Killed God is a sci-fi & fantasy novel, which follows the structure of a thriller. The story gives a cinematic feel with a lot of action, emotions, paranormal experiences and quick changes in the scenarios. The story is well-knitted in a series of unexpected twists and turns and so, it was hard to even blink between the pages.

The Day I killed God Quote Nick totem book review

One cannot skip through the pages while reading, as it will be very difficult to connect the dots later. The efforts of the author to give a vivid description of each element with references to scientific facts and theories, are evident. However, I found few sections where the details made me a little anxious and may put off impatient readers for a while.


How a believer turned into the murderer of God, is an intriguing mystery that pins the reader to the novel till the end.  Also, it is one of the stories that will make you think and question your own existence. The premises may be predictable, but as the story develops it is really hard to imagine what will happen next and that is the reason why I would recommend this book. It is an interesting, entertaining and adventurous story to read.

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Pro Book Reviews Ratings

Story: 3.8

Structure & Elements: 3.6



Overall Rating: 3.7

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