The Harrowing of Doom: A Marvel Untold Novel

By David Annandale


"An astonishing saga of revenge, sorcery, malice and darkness where Dr. Doom battles hell to rescue his mother’s soul and end years of humiliation and agony."

Victor von Doom: A Supervillain or A Superhero?


The Harrowing of Doom: A Marvel Untold Novel is the story of Marvel Supervillain Victor von Doom who is haunted by years of humiliation and defeat in Midsummer night duel with hell trying to rescue his mother Cynthia’s soul from hell. His burning soul finds some solace in the form of a device named ‘Harrower’ created by fusing science and sorcery with the aid of Maria von helm, a sage bearing the agony and guilt of the past, and Zargo, a priest whose conscience and destiny are in conflict to save him from his worst fears.

Conspiracy, revenge and foul play creep in the soul of those who once swore allegiance to Doom through the dark tunnels of Latveria. Time will test doom and he will test his people. Doom is preparing to take down hell this time, but his triumph is preceded by his worst fear in the heart. Will he succeed in freeing his mother’s soul from the curse? or will his attempt end up unleashing hell on Latveria and his people.

Structure and Element of the story

The story is a sci-fi & fantasy novel written by New York times bestselling author David Annandale. The first in line in the series of new tales of Marvel’s Superheroes and Supervillains, the novel is an attempt to explore the character and life of Dr. Doom, one of the Marvel’s Supervillain who is known for his authoritative, arrogant and vengeful persona.

David’s rich imagination is reflected in the depth of details with which both sorcery and science have been used in the story. Darkness, witchcraft, monstrous creatures, agony, revenge and fear fill the atmosphere of the story. Each character and element are conceived and portrayed with much thought and precision in the novel. Every character has a story which may change Doom’s fate and lead the story in a new direction. Not to forget the amazing cinematic experience the story gives to the reader. It is a script fit for a movie.

Story Development and Writing

The author is well versed in the art of storytelling, the smooth change between the scenes never lets the story to be monotonous or loose the focus of readers. However, for the new sci-fi readers the writing may not be easy to digest

Who should read the book?

It will be a good read for every Marvel fan and sci-fi enthusiast.


Stan Lee once said in an interview that the he wants to clear the misunderstanding about Dr Doom that he is an evil character. This novel may serve the purpose to some extent where we get to see Dr. Doom as a miserable son, who is desperate to move the earth and sky to rescue his mother’s soul. Doom is a ruler, his majestic presence fills the entire space, but this novel offers us to take a peek into his other shades as well. It is an interesting and intriguing read to find if Doom is an evil Supervillain or somebody else. The highlight of the novel is David Annandale’s storytelling, which is fascinating and gripping.

Pro Book Reviews Rating

Story: 3.8/5

Structure and element of story: 4/5

Writing: 4//5


Overall: 4/5

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