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""In 'Lady of the Play', Deena Lindstedt crafts an intricate web of history, mystery, and literature, taking the reader on a thrilling journey to unmask the true Shakespeare. It is a story filled with intellect, intrigue, and drama that resonates with the passion of the plays themselves.""


""Tabibzadeh's 'Husro & Shirin' is an exquisite tapestry of love, duty, and the vibrant hues of ancient Persian history. Sweeter than any romance, it takes the reader on an emotional journey that spans half a century, steeped in the poetry and grandeur of a bygone era.""


""Dale Cloninger's 'The Ninth Passage' is a compelling narrative of love, defiance, and fate set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing society. This harmonious blend of music, emotion, and societal norms makes for a captivating read.""


"A compelling saga of a woman’s journey through love, loss and life again. A beautiful recreation of the rustic lifestyle, social prejudices, complex relationships and a young woman’s independent spirit which will determine her fate in a small town."